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Mehmet Akdag starts his words, saying that the world knows 7Mehmet, and continues. I lost my father in my childhood and when I became eight years old, while the others in my age were going to the school... My mother became obliged to give me to a restaurant, so that I could be able to provide support to my family in poverty and difficulty. My head-chef and master was Hadji Hasan and he was very famous in his profession... I learned too much from my head-chef and I always memorialize him gratefully... I also raised many people, with those, what I learned from my head-chef...

Following to the establishment of our REPUBLIC, Ataturk made a visit to Antalya and we have served meal to Ataturk in an outdoor area among the flowers in the Municipality building's garden... Fresh beans, which we collected through roaming among the gardens in the city, were only enough to prepare just one dish for one person... There were no greenhouses available in those years. Season was the first month of spring... In spite of all impossibilities, we had not been ashamed before our Great Leader and we achieved to serve him fresh beans, which he liked too much.

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