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7 Mehmet Restorant Antalya

7 Mehmet

Photo GalleryIt is possible to see many traditional home foods, which are made by the experienced cooks, in the various restaurants lined up from the smallest settlement areas up to the big cities. However, one of those restaurants has a legendary name, which is giving a hard struggle for long years to keep the traditional tastes alive and achieved to survive and remain standing till today...

Mehmet AKDAG, born in Antalya, started his cooking adventure in his childhood, in order to provide support to his family, following to the loss of his father. During those years, when other children in his age were trying to write on blackboards, he had a kitchen apron on and a ladle in his hand. He started cooking adventure in a real life school near his head cook Hadji Hasan, whom he esteemed, as if he is his father, and in those days, he had no idea that he would be able to create a well-known trademark in the future. During the early days, when Mehmet started learning in this self-education school, he always ran after his chefs and helped them and observed the others carefully and after a certain while, his head-chef realized that he had been grown and the tastes of his foods had also been grown and therefore, he promoted to the rank of assistant chef from apprentice.