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7Mehmet in Religious Festival Celebrations

Republic day celebrations in this city, which was liberated from the Italian occupation during the independence war, were celebrated in a great manner. Special preparations were started to be carried out several days before the event and the city was ornamented thoroughly and everybody wear their best clothes. Festival marches were the most colorful activity of this vigorous day.

In the long cortege created during this festival, everybody had a separate duty proper to his/her own profession. For example, candymakers distribute candies and tailors stitch their most beautiful clothes etc. and for sure, the duty of taste and flavor supply in those pleasureful marches was belonging to 7Mehmet. In those entertaining marches, he was taking his place with a tractor pulling two wagons behind and he was preparing his specialties for this event specially and distributing his best meatballs, deliciously smelling rice dishes, mouth-flavoring compotes and halva to the people. He showed his cook talent also during the Golden Orange Film Festivals held in this city during the 60's and the reputation of our cook were spreaded day by day.