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850 grams of fresh beans served to the Ghazi Ataturk

During the first years of our republic, Mustafa Kemal made a country journey in the month February of 1935 and one of the stops on his journey was Antalya. A banquet was planned to be given in the municipality building to the honor of the Ataturk's visit. City and the city's notables became rushed. Everybody were restless and anxious to prepare and arrange everything perfectly and faultless. Anyway, it was not easy, as everybody knew very good, who was going to visit their city and for that reason, the entire city was in an anxious mood and they did not find anything good enough to be served to him.

7Mehmet had been charged to take part in this duty together with his head-chef Hadji Hasan and this fact excited 7Mehmet extremely. Fresh bean was Ataturk's favorite meal and shall be served to him. However, the conditions in those days were not similar to today's. 7Mehmet was assigned to find fresh beans, but the season was winter and it was not easy to find any fresh beans, as there were no greenhouses available in those days, which surround our cities thoroughly today.

He searched garden-to-garden the entire city and finally, he found 850 grams of fresh beans around the Kir mosque location of the city. After a difficult voyage, fresh beans having a familiar taste was served to Ataturk and this taste brought the head-chef and his assistant to the Ataturk's table. Owner of this familiar taste was Hadji Hasan, who had served to Ataturk as cook during his military years. And taking part in the creation of this taste made 7Mehmet very proud.

Mehmet AKDAG learned and developed entire details and qualifications of his profession during the passing years and wished to complete his military service first and then, to open his own shop separately from his head-chef, who had important contributions to his personal development. He joined military service in the year of 1939 and turned back from the national service in the year of 1942.