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Little Apprentice Witnessed His Father’s Tastes and Flavors

One of the persons, who has witnessed those activities, in which 7Mehmet took part, was his son, the little Hakki. He also tended to this taste adventure, same like his father. 7Mehmet found solace for his own lost childhood and school years, which he could not be able to live, when his son Hakki went to the school. 7Mehmet was feeling great pleasure, when his son voluntarily helped him in the restaurant.

Little Hakki continued his apprenticeship in the kitchen, along with his school education and his greatest pleasure was helping the preparation of the morning soups. This little trainee has also undertaken the material purchase duty for the restaurant, he internalized and followed the top quality material purchase principle, which he learned from his father.

-"Uncle Ali, I am the son of 7Mehmet. My father asked butter and flour, but must be of the best quality".

Hakki grew up with this over confidence buying and selling philosophy and gained the required experiences during the passing years and achieved to add his own creativity and tastes to the restaurant's specialties.