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Surpassing His Master

"Surpassing his master", this traditional saying has also continued its validity in his adventure, and Hakki Akdag enlarged the range of tastes served in this restaurant, as if he is competing with his father. This father and son brought wonderful tastes to their restaurant located at the Konyaalti Shore and continued their deserved reputation inspired by their high spirited endeavors and they have been continuing to serve the main lines of the traditional Turkish cuisine. Year 1982.

Father and son have enlarged their restaurant and created a very elegant restaurant, which became one of the most favorite and popular places for the tourist groups. Once a big English tourist group had fully filmed the entire banquet consisted of Turkish cuisine and served by the 7Mehmet and then, this film was broadcasted and watched in the England, with interest.

Accordingly, the name of 7Mehmet became famous as Seven (7) Mehmet also in the abroad countries. Mehmet AKDAG's restaurant shortly became the favorite place of many famous businessmen and artists and he had registered the quality of his restaurant with the appreciation certificates of many high authorities, but due to his health problems, which started in early 1980's, his son Hakki had undertaken and continued the business completely.

The actual and real leaving of father Akdag, who had closely followed his restaurant even in his sickness period, happened with his death in the year of 1988. He left his beloved ones and inherited his reputation, which is called as unending wealth, and his tastes to his sons. In despite of whisperings "they cannot continue this business" spreaded in the city, Hakkı Akdag and his brother Sadullah, who were deeply affected with the death of their father, became one hearth and since then, they have been protecting and continuing their father's reputation further in their restaurant located at the Konyaalti shore.