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Taste and Flavor Stop Under An Eave, Before which a Queue wa

Using all of his credits, he rented a shop under the eave near the Municipality's commercial building. 7Mehmet had one table and four chairs and just a few service sets in his small shop and he started to spread the smell of his delicious soups in 1940's.

In the first day, he served his soups to the craftsmen directly in the ironmonger's mall, with a big soup bowl hanged on his shoulder. And the next day, craftsmen, who became acquainted with the delicious taste of his soups, formed a long queue before his small soup shop.

No city water was available in his small shop and therefore, he had carried water in water barrels and in this small soup shop, he enlarged and enriched his soup range and he added the dry bean meal to his menu, which is one of the most favorite dishes of the Turkish people, and accordingly, his shop shortly became one the most favorite places of the people living in Antalya.

After a short period of time, 7Mehmet became a favorite name with its delicious menus in the city.