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The first Tourist Group in Antalya

In the years of 1950's, Turkey started to change and took the first steps in the industrialization and in the same time, Turkey's one face became enlightened with the natural beauties of urban life. Turkey's unique coves and immense seashores attracted tourists from all around the world, and our city Antalya, having sunshine during all of the four seasons and hosting individual domestic visitors, was getting ready to host the first tourist group in those years.

Nowadays, Antalya has giant tourism facilities having several thousands bed capacities, but during those years, there were not even any orderly restaurants available in Antalya. Same as the refreshing effect of travelling and seeing different places on the human psychology, food and beverage create a pleasure harmony as the salt and herbs of life, leading to the hearth. Mr. Seyit Ali Pamir, the Mayor of that period, brought an offer to 7Mehmet for the visit of this first tourist group visiting Antalya.

Undoubtedly, this offer was a big honor for our head-chef, however our young head-chef had only one table and four chairs in his small shop built under an eave and therefore, he became depressed for not being able to offer what he knows. In this inconvenient case, he felt happiness and desperation together at the same time and the municipality decided to allocate a proper place for this event and this news made 7Mehmet's face smile. In this banquet, which he accepted only for the cost price, he had presented all details of the Turkish Cuisine to the tourists and for sure, along with his master creativity.

The governor, Mr. Sami CODUR, congratulated this young and talented cook and asked him the address of his restaurant. In answer to his question, the governor learned that this cook had only a very small soup shop and thereupon, the governor asked Mr. Seyit Ali Pamir, the Mayor of that period, to help 7Mehmet for the allocation of a proper place. During those days, fire station's building was emptied from its place in the Municipality's commercial building and a tender was organized for this opportunity. This tender became a cliffhanger between the rich businessman Mr. Mehmet GONEN and 7Mehmet.

7Mehmet rented that place for thousand lira of those days and started to operate this place under the name of Municipality Restaurant. Due to a decision, which became applicable following to the 1960 military coup, using the name of Municipality had been restricted for the business organizations and therefore, he proudly hanged the signboard of 7Mehmet to his restaurant, which became registered among the people long before.